Straight Leg Denim


For me, I’ve always said it and I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face. Denim is the staple to any person’s wardrobe. It is. Don’t even argue with me on it. When in doubt you always turn to denim, so updating your capsule denim collection is a necessity. Denim goes through trends, some months it’s all about a skinny jean other months is the return of the bootcut. Let’s home that doesn’t make a comeback. I’ve been a skinny jeans addict since, forever but half the time they  feel like a full length spanx set or sometimes it’s the MOM jeans which is the ‘80s want their jeans back hun‘ fit of denim. So, it’s about time that I found a new cut that had to fit the bill. For me, I was on the hunt for a cut of denim that was flattering for a petite gal but petite gal with a rather large arse. The two combined make for quite a tricky search but I think I’ve found you an answer, you can all thank me later.

Back in December last year, I went to an event and I spotted a gal wearing a pair of straight leg jeans. This cut, I’m like a magpie for. Why? Every blogger, I follow religiously swears by the cut and so far, I’ve failed to find the style and brand to suit my needs as a short, big arsed hour glass shaped girl. Until now! This cut is from Primark. Yes Primarni. Is that even a thing? Well, Susan, I’ll tell you, that Primark have really started to up their game in terms of quality of garment. Yes, the prices have definitely seen an increase over the last few years but with a price increase does come with this upgraded quality of materials. I’m not imagining it. I’m not joking, these are from Primark and at £13 a pair they’re worth the pounds. Half the price of the beloved raw hem straight leg Topshop are retailing at £40 a pair. For me, they fit well around the areas you want enhancement but most importantly are the cut I’ve been searching for, for months. My biggest piece of advice, however would be that if you’re going to take a trip to your Primark to get yourself a pair, I would suggest upping your size. I’m typically an 8 in every shop for denim but for these jeans, I couldn’t get these over my tree trunk thighs or my JLO ass so, I’m a 10 in these. It’s important, to remember, however that every retailer especially on the high street sizes differently, so don’t feel like you’re suddenly obese just because one shop is different to the other. 

I’ve religiously sworn by a skinny jean or a MOM jean but when there was an increase of straight leg jean wearers, I wanted to see whether I could jump on this hype. Hypes for someone of my size and height is tricky. For example; dungarees. Even when they claim to be petite, they’re hopeless and I don’t look like Kylie from Neighbours much to my annoyance. Secondly, floor length maxi dresses/skirts, unless I want to look even short than I already am this is a wrong choice. They also seem to emphasise my curves thus i look a lot bigger. Thirdly, everything that has not been designed for the petite gal in mind…yep I said it. Being just below 5ft is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when retailers don’t cater for the small ones. Damn. So, styling a pair of jeans that are not your typical style has been a different kind of experience. 

Tip 1: Style with an ankle boot

Boots are a tricky one, again as a petite girl. I find, that knee high boots make me look like an oompa Loompa and too small ankle boots give me wider ankles. So, I recently found a pair of ankle boots that go slightly past my ankle and further up my lower leg.  In doing so, it elongates the leg and doesn’t give off the vibe that these straight leg jeans are boot cut flares. Nobody wants a boot cut flare. 

Tip 2: A Line Blazers

I love a blazer, you go from casual to smart casual- actual blessing. I’ve started teaming the straight leg jean with a blazer and it just works effortlessly and making a denim cut look so effortlessly put together.

Tip 3: Go Frayed

I’m never going to wear these jeans to work due to the frayed hem at the bottoms but for adding a touch of character into an outfit these jeans work great. I find that when teamed with a heeled sandal they make a real change from the typical MOM jean. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve spent the good part of last year llooking, ordering and trying to style a pair of straight leg jeans; so this has been a long road into discovering and falling in love with the straight leg. Change is good, cya skinny jeans. 


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