Silk, Thigh & Bra

Silk, bra and thigh- either I’ve got my KFC order mixed with my nightwear or we’re discussing all saucy things and body confidence. Clue it’s the latter part of that sentence.

Challenge, scroll through your Twitter feed and try not to come across a Kardashian selling a shake designed to encourage weight loss. Weight loss happening through shitting ya self like silly as the shakes are like laxatives in a shake. Then challenge yourself to see Jameela Jamil ranting about the Kardashian’s selling this. How many times a week, a month or in a daily scroll do you see some form of expose of a celebrity selling a weight loss product and it going down like a tonne of cold sick? It’s a regular occurrence but whats more of a regular occurrence is this urge for women to feel empowered in their own skin. I’m not going to rant about body confidence why? Because, I’ve written about it numerous times and in all honestly it doesn’t make me love my body, it doesn’t make me look in the mirror and think you go glen coco but it does put me in the same bracket as celebrities who think talking about body confidence makes the problem go away.

I spoke about this over on my Instagram so I’ll take what I said on there as the foundations for this post, As a size 8 woman, I’m theoretically supposed to be well alright with my body. If you’re below a size 12, I think the consensus is that you must be ok in your skin, body and self because that’s what the shops, runways and celebrities suggest through their content.  The MailOnline depicts every woman that is a size 8 is perfect yet the ones with a size 14, must be deemed as ‘feeling confident with their curves.’ You watch it on there, just scroll. This is not the case, as a size 8 I dislike my thighs, stomach, upper lip and hairy arms. These things we assume that I must totally adore since I’m a size 8 and this is the most desired size according to the studies. All problems go away as  size 8 when this isn’t the case. Disclaimer, as a size 8, I have hang ups in the same way that every person reading this might have. Now, I might dislike parts of my body and this body confidence has lacked since my ME diagnosis because I no longer go to the gym as regularly as I used to go; I previously used to go three-four times  week- now it’s dependent on the b12 and my schedule as to whether I can physically manage a workout. I still aim to go at least twice a week and whether this makes me a sinner in the gym world or not; this is what I’ll do. I also have not written this post as a plea for attention or nice comments or positivity; instead, I’ve written it to show that a crisis with body confidence is something that is common with anyone despite their presented size or appearance. All of us have our hang ups.

For a year now, yes a whole 365 days, my friend Millie has been trying to persuade me to pose in nightwear/lingerie and up to February, I’d declined and preferred to pose in clothes as it was in my comfort zone but as I’ve said, we must come of out of these comfort zones to know what we’re capable of and how we are far fiercer than we think we are. So, as a following on from last week, this is the outcome of ‘entering the discomfort zone’ or ‘going into the unknown’ and the pictures to me make me feel like Lizzie MCGuire saying ‘Sing to me Paulo’ from the movie. I think, posing in less clothes and clothes that are not polka dot was out of my comfort zone and something that for me I wanted to do to present this person that I don’t convey. MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN! Heck, Lizzie Mcguire & Shania Twain gonna be proud. Go Ev.

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