The Fashion Regrets & Mistakes

We’ve all made fashion mistakes, yes I’m talking about you with ya flip flops and  bootcut jeans, hideous t-shirts and I’m definitely talking about men in vests for leisure. I do hope you got my drift there; If you do that, do not even attempt to slide into my dms son. Nah, yes we’ve all made mistakes but with the rise and staying of social media: most of our fashion mistakes have been posted on Facebook to impress our crushes at the time because we thought we looked hot to trot. In the same way that, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, thought they looked when they wore double denim together. For reference, I’m not revealing the pictures since they’re too bad too reveal again, so we’ll just discuss.

Kids Clothes as an Hour Glass Woman

I’m just below 5ft by about an inch and I have size 2.5 feet so unfortunately I’m on the smaller end of the spectrum. Yes, I know, good things in small packages but when it comes to shopping this is not always the case as I’ve found and will now discuss. For shoes, the kids departments of shops is a God send because they do cater for my tiny feet however when it comes to clothes, I’m still not quite understanding this. My beloved jackets from Zara are from the children’s department, I have no shame in admitting this. However, there was one occasion, I purchased a jumpsuit from the children’s department again, and it fitted lovely. However, what I did not fully grasp was that the department was not catering for a child with a bust or arse as these areas were gaping. It was a surprise that by the end of the evening, my arse was not on show as every time I sat down I could hear the seam preparing to split. Yes, I know. Kill me now, with the shame. The jumpsuit is now in a bag with the bum seam still intact but preparing to visit a new home.

TIT Tape

As I said, I am blessed with bigger boobs but am also in luck they’re perky. I know, such a pain, hard life. Anyway, with this in mind it means that often pieces that are particularly low, not made with quality in mind end up falling open and I can tell you this. Someone does get an eye full of nip or full breast depending on evening or occasion. So, since these times, very embarrassing times, I’ve found my friend, titty tape. God Bless, double sided tape.

High Waisted Bikinis: Where were they?

Again, hour glass figure means anything high waisted is an absolute cracker. Brings every thing together and makes everything look in proportion but what was I doing before high waisted bikinis and jeans were a thing? Because when I go through old holiday photos, I swear I look awful and denim before a high waist….don’t even get me started. Aint got time for that ….

Shorter Skirts

Holy mother of God, any skirt I attempt to wear that is not a midi or high waisted and floats out is just a recipe for disaster. So, when I go through any photo with this, I almost cringe because I look awful. I just find these skirts do nothing for me, they don’t sinch me in, they don’t make me look taller or just do anything positive just make me think, why the hell did I waste money on that???

Balcony Bras

These I direct to bikinis. Just why? If you look great in this style, then great, lucky you. I just find for a petite gal like myself they are not flattering and do not give you the desired bikini bod I fancy having. Instead, I look like a potato with a bikini on. Not a great look.

Posing for Photos

This has come with experience and also years of my family directing my outfit of the day (OOTD) shoots well. But as a first world problem time travel mission, I’d love to go back in time and tell my younger self to put a hand on a hip, put one leg in front of the other or just stand more like someone on a red carpet than a postman you know?


Find Petite Denim

Any skinny jean that goes baggy at the ankles makes me want to cringe and delete all pictures of me. Now, however if it involves a skinny jean or any denim I find a petite retailer such as; Next, Topshop and Miss Selfridge who are perfect for denim when you’re tiny and want a good shape, style and look for denim. Who says you don’t get good advice on here? 😉

Smock Dresses.

Again, if you have a smock dress that looks flattering then you go glen coco but but when I go for anything that is neither tailored or body con, it looks like a maternity smock. I’m not pregnant, neither do I want to be pregnant so I don’t fancy looking like I’m due to give birth anytime soon with my choice of dress. It’s when I go through my old pictures, that I think, where was the hour glass waist and general synched in look of the piece Ev??

Bras with cami tops

Hell no Ev!!!! These were mistakes in the early days of clubbing and Uni but why was I not advised on nipple covers or strapless bras???

So what fashion regrets and mistakes do you have hidden away in your archived Insta feed?

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