A Candid Shift

Last year, I noticed a shift in my beauty and skincare regime which I thought was a shift based on laziness. A shift that saw me cutting down on beauty products that I was buying. I was no longer feeling a compulsion to purchase a new lipstick each time I stepped foot into Boots/Superdrug. Who was this person? I also noticed, especially this year around the time of birthday back in January that my 90 minute getting ready time had been shortened by 45 minutes; Perhaps, I’d mastered the cut crease and blend.

When I first discovered red lipstick at the start of my A Levels. It became my bestest asset. It was a staple essential to any outfit. I adored it. Until, i was told months later that only hoes wear red lipstick. That statement, stuck with me into my later teens and early adult years. I became conscious of wearing red lipstick with eye shadow in case it was too much. Now, however red lipstick is like earrings. I wear it; when I want to add something to quite a boring look. It’s the cherry on the cake if you will. But the shift that has happened in terms of my relationship with beauty products has also transpired into my entire staple routine. If you watch old YouTube videos from 2017 or even read older content on this Cornerstone my entire make up products have changed. Let’s see.

Eyeshadow for me has become a chore. I wear it in the evenings during the weekends. I make it like manual labour, but for me I don’t have the time in the mornings for a blend so it’s been ditched. It’s like the matching underwear, you bring it out you feel amazing. When I bring the shadow out I know suddenly I feel a million pounds and I want that feeling on the weekends when I want a pick me up. Despite, having multiple eyeshadow palettes stored away, i seem to only return to cranberry eyeshadows so I’m making a conscious decision to not be pressured into buying new eyeshadow knowing full well I wont wear it when my trusted cranberry is looking at me. Same goes for liquid eyeliner. What is that? I wear it when wearing false lashes to hide the lash line or glue. But, I have turned to eye crayons for my lower and top lash lines- particularly copper shades. I feel since having my hair coloured opting for the copper in favour of a dramatic shadow effect works really well and saves time. Then it’s mascara, and I’m just basic with this but i did turn to an eyelash lift at the end of last year. Where have these been? For me lash lifts are ideal if you’re lazy like me. I essentially want to get up and look like Kylie. It’s not happening but with a lash lift, i know that mascara isn’t a compulsory step to my look. This is it. Crayon and a mascara and my eyes are complete. I know, who is this person? Where is the blend?

Next my face and this is where I’ve gone back to my faithful routes. When I started wearing make up, I wore tinted moisturiser which to me is the perfect base product for any teenager wanting to venture into wearing make up. However, as I got older I realised that the staying power of such product was poor. Then, I went into BB cream and found the same. When I did get onto foundation- it was strange as I’d been steered away from it. It was the satan product because it would clog my pores and give me spots. It didn’t. But, this year I found the Revlon Candid Foundation. This to me, really combines skincare and make up together on an affordable budget. For me, there are two things I adore about this. 1) The Texture. Foundation is often thing and is a pain up the ring piece to blend. Take Fenty, now what a mofo to blend. This texture is silky smooth and almost has the mannerisms of a moisturiser. 2) The look is divine. If you want a flawless natural looking base this is young go to. This product is perfect for becoming an everyday staple since it doesn’t look like you’ve got a full face of make up. But, the best part. It comes in a family but unlike Prince William and Harry- this family is the dream team and will not fall out with each other. The dream team. The setting powder and concealer are superb. The setting powder is a loose translucent powder versus a compact meaning coverage is light and dusts on the skin. Never sinking into your pores as compacts tend to do. Then, the concealer. Holy Cow. This is what you need if you look like you’ve been in a fight with Phil Mitchell due to your eye bags. The concealer has light reflecting particles which are ideal for making you look radiant throughout the day.

This skin-enhancing, natural-looking foundation delivers a flawless finish—all day long—as it hydrates. You get medium coverage that feels weightless and looks like your best skin! Feels good with: anti-pollution, antioxidant, and anti-blue-light ingredients to protect your skin.  Feels better without: oils, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and harsh fragrances

But one thing hasn’t shifted. My attitude and love for red lipstick. I may have got lazier with make up and quicker at application but my love for big red lips hasn’t gone. For me, curled lashes natural skin with a pop of red is just what the critics called call. If Wonder Woman, wants a break from filming, I’ll slide into as her double. lol.


This post was in collaboration with Revlon. All products have been gifted but thoughts are my own. 

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