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In the last few weeks I’ve developed a proper despising hatred for the sentence ‘I’ll let you know‘ it grates my gears. Imagine, your precious car wheels scraping the pavement because that sentence annoys me as much as when I scratch my wheels. I know, how dramatic but it doesn’t matter whether it’s got the words ‘lovely’ or ‘girly’ at the end it just annoys me. I’ll explain because this despising has even got to the point where i’ve discussed the sentence with friends, i know the peak of riveting conversation folk, right there. We know how to live our lives on the edge, us snowflakes.

I’ve become very organised when it comes to my personal diary. I’ve got bullet journal points coming out my earholes, i’ve got an online calendar along with Outlook reminders just in case I need reminding during the working week; as well my phone notifying me of my events. For transparency, my diary isn’t as busy as I’m suggesting but with my memory comes forgetting what I’ve booked in. I know, if i’m free- therefore when asked the sentence ‘are you free X?‘ I dont feel the need to utter the words ‘I’ll let you know’. I think as a nation of instagramers, texters and just online folk we’ve become a nation of never knowing where we’ll be in a few days or weeks. We know whether our ex is looking vile on holiday lol or whether Meghan Markle is flying commercial to New York but our own business, who the fuck knows. I seem to know my own month/weeks in advance whilst I socialise or attempt to date absolute simpletons who don’t whether they’re coming or going. The liberty.

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But above the sentence itself is the follow through. It’s the question, of will the person go and actually check their social scene? Will they go out their way to arrange to see you? Well, in my experience the i’ll let you know is the buffer. It’s the walking into a shop and being collared by a sales assistant and you saying ‘cock, my ticket is running out on the metre’. 1) it was free parking and 2) you walked so you had no ticket on a car- but you get the drift. It’s in essence, the white lie you’re hoping will give you enough time to find a wall to watch. So, them using i’ll let you know is just their way of distracting you from the situation, they’re using their busy life as a distraction. ‘I’ll let you know’ is a pacifier it’s in the hope that whilst they distract you, they can fiddle with the hoe flaunting her babylons on the gram.

I fear that i’m the victim of others’ busy schedules on a daily basis. Sometimes, I like to hope that it is legit and they are genuinely unaware of their social scene from one week to another but then the realist in me is exploding. The realist erupts with ‘but surely you know whether you’re busy in 2 days time’. It’s more outrageous when the excuse is ‘oh i’ll be tired’ it’s almost offensive. I get, we can all be tired but when i live day to day with an illness titled, chronic fatigue syndrome it’s ironic. Am I missing something here? If I can get ready and entertain after work, we’re onto a winner here, so pick your end of the bargain up here. You will read this, and think this post is rather indirect and so direct it should’ve been sent directly to the person in question. However, this post cannot be directed at just 1 person. 1 person could be told this. But, this is a post dedicated to every person who uses the ‘ill let you know’ as a buffer- it makes no sense to use it. It’s like claiming to be busy is better than following through with any social activity. Is it the case now that our lives are so busy that we cannot afford to make time for anything social. We use it as a way of making our lives that little bit more exciting- in the same way that we surround ourselves with others informing us of their increasingly demanding inboxes. It’s similar to the person you see on Instagram posting a cute picture of her getting ready to go out for the evening and on her story she’s in bed watching Netflix; either the evening was cut short or she never went out in the first place. It was better to depict that she has a smashingly busy social life than admit to being a hermit for the evening. We love the expression ‘my inbox is so busy’ as a way of suggesting to everyone around us we’re hard working and active both professionally and personally yet are we? Are we in fact, just sitting in a mass of spam offers in our inboxes versus genuine interest that we’re suggesting we have on our social feeds. I’ll be the first to admit, that when you know the person asking you out has little hope in entering your contacts you know that, that busy schedule of yours will come in and will be used. However, would I use the ‘ill you let you know’ as my excuse- probably not- since it makes me look a proper knob. I’d love to say, however, sorry hun, I’d rather pick out ingrowing hairs in of my thigh than be in your company. If only I had that excuse as a template. Instead, you use the, oh I’ll be in X and if they’re good with follow up and w/c of that time, text and say ‘hey wanna go X’ then you panic and hope that the paint work in your bedroom needs watching. But, do I ever want to find myself using ‘i’ll let you know mate/girly/lovely as an excuse? No. I’d rather blow torch my vulva.

However, I do find that we are using the i’ll let you know as a way of stringing along our friends, potential lovers and conquests. It’s a way of teasing and implying interest, because we all know that chances are, they’re not checking or even bothering to inform you once they’ve checked. Instead, we spend the evenings plucking our upper lip hairs with tweezers instead because, that’s far more engaging and entertaining than listening to someone pull a fast one on you and pretend you’ve got mug on your forehead with their ‘i’ll you know’.

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