Stop New Year, New Me. (On a Step)

Did you set New Years resolutions? Have you decided to cut the toxic people out of your life? Are you going to eat less and exercise more? Or are you going to spend less money? If you are, groundbreaking. Go you! Why don’t you cut out less meat and you’ll be ticking all the cliche boxes. These are cliche and ones that you’ll manage to keep up with until the end of January, if you’re lucky. So, why are we obsessed with setting unattainable resolutions? I think, when we do reach milestones such as weight loss or saving money – we do this because we create healthy and attainable goals which are actually achievable which is why these resolutions we’ve set never last beyond January. Our New Years resolutions, are ones typically that aim to change us and transform us when if you ask me, this defeats all points of us trying to promote this Lizzo Good as Hell lark which we use as our captions on Instagram.

Indulge in Self Care

Self care shouldn’t just be eating the chocolate you want. Self care should be doing the things that make you happy; whether thats exercising, having regular massages, a steaming bath or just sitting watching your favourite series. I think, this is something we do should do without it being set as a New Years resolution such as exercising more. We all know that in reality going to the gym 5x a week is unrealistic and unachievable.


This is probably similar to the above and you’ll probably be getting the picture since there is a theme with this post. However, when we say ‘we’re cutting toxic people out of our lives’. This is not groundbreaking and it doesn’t make you any different to anyone or anything else. It also shouldn’t be a New Years resolution because you should do this anyway; you shouldn’t need a New Year to spark this. We have to remember that if that friend just affects your mental health and brings nothing but negativity you should not need a New Year to encourage you take steps to improve your mental wellbeing or sanity. This should be triggered by you realising that you’re worth more than that person who doesn’t nothing but belittle you and make you feel worthless.

As you can see there was a theme with the above goals because these are things we should all be doing without there being a New Year dawning on us to spur this on. I wrote this because I believe that this constant marketing message of ‘New Year, New You’ is absolute bollocks. We should not need a New Year to make changes that in theory should be ones we make day to day. I’m conscious that it defeats all my previous posts because I’ve written about New Years resolutions over the years but this year I realised how pointless those goals were because they were things that I was doing to feel part of this ‘New Year new Me’ culture which didn’t do anything other than make feel like a failure when I couldn’t maintain them. I know, that maintaining a regular exercise regime is difficult when I live with an illness that affects my energy levels so setting this as a goal is unattainable and will only equal a negative outcome on me mentally. I also fear that these resolutions such as weight loss and healthy eating just encourage eating disorders because we as a society deem that to kickstart the New Year correctly and to encourage a good year for the remaining 52 weeks and 365 days we should all buy the fitness DVD’s, join a gym and buy the latest lycra trends.

Its with this, unfortunately that leads to my impending New Years Eve anxiety and constant worry for the New Year. I have this constant fear and anxiety that the New Year will just spiral out of control. i believe this has stemmed from January 2018 where my world came crashing down as a result of  a toxic working environment and poor mental health following the ME diagnosis months prior. I should, stop emotional reasoning as a way of justifying the way I feel rather than explaining that there is at this moment in time, no evidence to suggest anything bad to happen in the first days of 2020. I also have to remember that, 01/01/2020 will not be any different to today other than, that I will probably be rather hungover and be regretting drinking that additional G+T. Instead, I’m making a conscious effort to stop making unattainable resolutions which we all know will never be achieved. We make things happen by setting realistic goals.




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