ME Essential


In 2017, I was diagnosed with ME/CFS which is an illness which unfortunately is still an unknown illness for two reasons. 1) We are still none the wiser on what causes it and secondly, nobody truly understands the illness thus treatment and understanding is vague. I’ve battled with the illness both professionally and personally, so in 2018, I was approached by the ME Essential, a magazine run by the ME Association to raise awareness and a bring together sufferers of the illness together. 

This page brings together the content, I write for the magazine, to read more click below for the content I write for the magazine. 


ME Essential Summer 2018 – Cover An Open Letter to ME

Ev Francis – ME Essential Mid-Summer 2018

Ev Francis – ME Essential Autumn 2018

Ev Francis – ME Essential SPRING 2019

Ev Francis – ME Essential Winter 2019

Ev Francis – ME Essential Summer 2018