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If you’ve read my content for a long time, you’ll be no surprised with my post today. It’s all about finding those products which make our skin even better for when we apply our make up. As you know, I love the Revlon Photo Ready Primer and the Liz Earle Naturally Active range and have been preaching those products ever since I started writing this cornerstone. However, today I bring you a new find and one which we should all consider adding to our pre-make up stage.

Back in September of 2017, a lovely brand named Bio Essence called in touch to tell me all about their range and in particular their 24K Gold Miracle Finish and wanted to know whether I’d like to feature this product in a post and of course, I wanted to test it out to see what the hype was and whether it was worth you splashing your pounds on.

To give you an overview, on what the product is before I give you my two pence worth the finisher has a light weight breathable texture that applies perfectly onto the skin. It’s enriched with 24K Bio-Gold Bio Mineral Amino Acid and Bio Energy Fluid. It’s made to form an invisible layer of protective layer over the skin to hinder pollutants and helps prevent harmful cosmetic ingredients. As a result, it reduces skin irritation and clogged pores. If that doesn’t sound your up your street like it did mine, it also provides a matte finish for an instant flawless and smooth finish. This matte finish means your face is the perfect canvas for applying your base products. Any product whether it’s for your lips, face or eyes in a matte finish is a winner for me. I hate looking shiny and shimmery, I find it a little bit of an outdated look. With the matte finish of this moisturiser, you’ll also find applying further products not a slimy process. Often, if a moisturiser doesn’t have this finish, it can be too smooth and shiny to keep new products on your face. I personally, loved the sound of the product because I’d been looking for a serum type product for ages; I was deciding whether to buy into the hype of a serum as I loved the idea of having a final step after your standard moisturiser. I’ve been reading and watching far too many videos where the blogger is discussing which high end serum they use and I immediately take a shine to this idea of applying a serum every morning… * thinks about it now*


So, onto my two pence worth. I received this sample back in October time and have been using it since. Every morning regardless of wearing make up or not because I’ve found that on the days, I’m not wearing make up my skin looks healthy, radiant and just more alive. The alive factor has been something I’ve craved during my recovery since, I’ve wanted my skin and face to look healthier than how I’m feeling internally. The ‘Gold’ that the press release discusses is in fact real and not one of those gimmicks that you’d buy into. I find, that the gold particles within the formulation actually reflect from the skin which is maybe why my skin does feel so radiant after application. The first time, I used the serum formulation I was blown away with it’s smooth creamy yet silky consistency because it felt like a high end product. It felt like one, I’d have bought from a high end counter in a department store rather than your average high street store. To check, I wasn’t just being blown away with receiving a great press release, I asked my Nan who like me is into her beauty products. She too, said these words ‘oh my, isn’t that smooth love?’

I am a real bore when it comes to primers only because I do believe that applying a primer whether it be high end or low end, will ensure your make up application goes on much easier and smoother. It will also last longer on the skin so you’ll look the same at whatever time you applied your base products. So, I use this after moisturiser and in between applying my trusted Revlon Photo Ready Primer since the two in the same routine make for a great base if I say so myself. I did find that the two worked really well together so much so that they felt like a base coat you’d apply onto your nails for painting them with. I felt like my foundation was being applied onto a fresh, clean canvas.

The greatest thing about this product, is that it is available on the high street and isn’t one of those products I am mentioning that you’ve got to scrimp and save up for or only be able to get hold of online or even at certain department stores. I would say, however, that the price of £30 is more in line with the higher end products but unlike lower end products the formulation and packaging of the product will last you a lot longer than most. I’ve been using this since October, as I mentioned and I’d say beginning of October 2017 and I’ve only just finished the bottle now in January. This isn’t bad considering, I’ve used it everyday after my skincare regime.  So, I’d suggest that this is worth splashing the pounds for if you want a natural looking glow without a spa facial. I can honestly say that my face feels like it did after I’d had a facial at a spa a few months ago, so I would highly recommend the moisturiser. If’ I’d done a favourites of 2017, it would have definitely been on that list.

*Products were kindly sent in exchange for content but all  views are my own*

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